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Using digital credentials to raise professional culinary standards, in a global workforce.
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How Worldchefs are helping the 93% of culinary businesses having difficulty finding quality professionals.

Global cuisine is a fast growing industry with a highly mobile and very diverse workforce, reaching $5,776 billion (US) in 2017 and estimated to grow at a rate of 5% over the next five years.[1]

In such a dynamic environment it can be time consuming and resource intensive for employers to find people with the right skills. In fact, a 2016 survey [2] found that a staggering 93% of culinary businesses have difficulty finding the quality professionals they required.

Finding people with the right skills is particularly challenging in the culinary profession, as most of the learning for cooks and chefs takes place in the kitchen, rather than in organised training centres. This means that the majority of the skills people develop are invisible to potential employers.

As a result, even highly skilled professionals may be overlooked and not considered for opportunities which would enable them to realise their full potential.

If employers are to reduce the time and cost is takes to recruit globally, then they need more efficient ways of finding people with the right skills, starting by ensuring busy professionals can easily make every skill visible.

“.... Millions of highly talented chefs from around the world who could not afford to take time out from their busy jobs, can now demonstrate the wealth of experience they have gained over the years, easily.”
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Worldchefs President

Professional culinary standards employers can trust from London to Shanghai.

As the voice for the culinary industry, Worldchefs recognised that there was a need for a global set of standards which could provide an effective way for employers to find, develop and retain the best talent. They also knew that the right solution needed to be online to provide easy, instant and affordable access for chefs around the world.

To be truly global, a set of standards must be consistent, relevant to the needs of employers and portable between different geographies. Worldchefs therefore worked with the industry to define the skills chefs required for the key stages within their career.

Worldchefs also worked with employers and recruitment agencies to map vacancies against the different levels of the certification. This makes it easier for chefs to find the jobs that they are qualified for and then to make their skills and experience visible to potential employers.

Using the online tool, designed by Digitalme, chefs apply for the level they are working at, wherever they are in the world. Once they have purchased their credential, they simply document their skills and submit their evidence for an independent assessment.

“The Worldchefs certification offers a unique - and much needed - solution. It makes it easier to get skills validated, to grow careers and to help raise professional culinary standards globally.”
Photo of John CLANCY

Director of Education at Worldchefs

A new way for chefs to document their skills without having to leave the kitchen.

In the fast paced culinary industry it can be a challenge for busy professionals to make all of their skills visible. With the help of Digitalme and quality assurance experts from City & Guilds, Worldchefs were able to utilise a bold and innovative tool, The Open Badge Academy, to deliver a global benchmark, with ease of use and portability at the core.

Image of OBA on mobile

As many chefs were already using their mobile phone cameras to capture their culinary skills, The Open Badge Academy provids a flexible and easy solution for chefs to document their skills without having to leave the kitchen.

Every step of the application process occurs seamlessly online and in one place. Chefs pay for their qualification, capture, upload and submit the evidence of their skill level using one tool.

Expert quality assurance, from a trusted organisation.

Evidence submitted through Open Badge Academy is then evaluated online by independent assessors, located around the world. All of the assessors are trained and monitored in line with City & Guilds quality assurance requirements to ensure that their decisions are fair, consistent, valid, and reliable. This quality assurance is confirmed by the City & Guilds logo which appears alongside the Worldchefs brand on all credentials awarded to chefs who meet the certification criteria.

The rich data stored inside each credential contains details of the certification criteria, the evidence required for certification and details of when the credential was achieved by the chef. For chefs who have been awarded several levels of certification, their profile of credentials provides a verified picture of their skills development journey to employers that can be shared easily online.

“The career successes our students have experienced in such a short time shows how Worldchefs Global Certification opens many doors in the culinary world.”
Photo of Howard HAO-CHUN HSIA

Vice Principal, Kai Ping Culinary School

Another milestone which signals that digital credentialing has started a skills revolution.

Worldchefs vision for a global standard was turned into a reality and recognised by The Federation of Awarding Bodies, with the award for Innovation of the Year. This award is given for the most outstanding achievement in awarding, something which has made a major contribution to the development to the world of education and skills.

Our partnership has also been featured in the ‘Good Work – the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices’

The future.

By harnessing the power of credentials, Worldchefs is beginning to tackle a complex challenge that is shaping the future of their industry.

So, what’s next? They are now building their global expert community. Bringing employers, recruitment agencies, training providers and chefs associations together to embed the certification into training and skills initiatives around the world and to help countries and employers build their owns skills solutions, based on the Worldchefs standards. To find out more visit

The way in which skills are recognised is changing forever, with the culinary industry leading the way - enabling culinary professionals around the world to show their true potential and ensuring employers can see every skill.

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Worldchefs, the leading authority in global cuisine who represent millions of culinary professionals in 105 member countries, have revolutionised how they see skills. They used digital credentials to define and promote professional standards within the culinary industry and created the Worldchefs global culinary certification.

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