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Using digital credentials to recognise the leaders of today, and develop the leaders of tomorrow.
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How ILM are helping the 46% of employers struggling to recruit leaders and managers.

Despite a a record number of vacancies, UK employers are still struggling to find people with the right skills and expertise, as a result of skills and labour shortages. In a competitive labour market it can be time consuming and resource intensive for employers to find the best people with the right skills.

Research conducted in 2016 found that skills shortages in leadership roles cost employers a staggering £2 billion on average, per year. With new recruits taking eight months on average to settle in to their new role.

Finding people with the right skills is additionally challenging in Leadership and Management roles, as this learning often takes place ‘on the job’, often without formal recognition that can be showcased once the individual progresses through their career. This means that the majority of the skills people develop, and the ones employers are looking for are invisible to potential employers.

As a result, even highly skilled people may be overlooked and not considered for opportunities which would enable them to realise their full potential.

If employers are to reduce the time and cost is takes to recruit and train leaders of tomorrow then we need more efficient ways of finding people with the right skills, starting by ensuring professionals can easily make every skill, within an existing qualification, visible.

“At ILM, we believe passionately in the purpose and the potential that digital credentials represent.”
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Formally Group Director, ILM

Applying the power of an emerging technology to existing qualifications.

Speaking with employers, ILM found a majority were dissatisfied with not being able to easily identify online the right people for the right jobs. Colleges and professional training providers wanted greater portability of skills online to meet this demand from employers and help the right people into jobs.

As leaders in the recognitions industry, ILM has long been interested in the emerging world of digital credentials, especially how they could be harnessed as a solution which could provide an effective way for employers to find, develop and retain the best talent.

They also knew that the right solution needed to to provide easy, instant and secure access for learners online. To ensure credentials hold value for learners, employers and training providers, ILM worked with Digitalme to ensure their credentials were designed to meet the regulations of the industry and uphold the integrity of qualifications through a set of standards that are consistent, relevant to the needs of employers and portable across all stages of career progression.

“... by rewarding and recognising learning in bite sized chunks throughout the course of a program enables learners to showcase and communicate their achievements in a way that employers will understand.”
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Formerly Head of Marketing and Communications, ILM

A new way for employers to easily see and discuss the individual skills within an overarching qualification.

The ILM pilot project, retrospectively issued digital credentials to over 3,000 Level 5 learners. Among this group the uptake was phenomenal. The enormous demand showed that the appetite for digital credentials was is clearly there amongst learners.

They have also seen huge interest from employers and training providers. Employers are benefiting from the added value and meaning offered by bringing the constituent parts of a Leadership & Management programme to life. This allows them to more easily see and discuss the individual skills within an overarching qualification.

Training providers can recognise and reward learning at every stage of the journey, to encourage engagement and completion.

Working with a groundbreaking business in this emerging technology, like Digitalme, has resulted in ILM being first to market with digital credentials giving training providers a unique product.

ILM’s credentialing tool, powered by Credly, was the perfect fit as it is built for scale and offers a fully customisable experience, enabling ILM to position their respected brand front and centre, whilst also providing a seamless experience for their learners and clients.

Expert quality assurance, learners and employers can trust.

Evidence submitted through ILMs enterprise credentialing site, is then evaluated online by ILM assessors.

All of the assessors are trained and monitored in line with the ILM quality assurance requirements to ensure that their decisions are fair, consistent, valid, and reliable. Learners who achieve their credential have a secure way to share a detailed view of their Leadership and Management skills with potential employers. The data baked inside, provides a richer picture of these skills - detailing when, where and how they developed and how they have been validated.

Expiration and revocation conditions ensure the skills being credentialled are the most up to date, ensuring the trust and value placed in an ILM qualification travels with the credential, wherever it is displayed.

“Digitalme have been fantastic partners in helping us on our digital credentials journey. Their ability to help us visualise the opportunity digital credentials hold and the training they’ve given our team have been vital.”
Photo of Joseph Ballantine

Joseph Ballantine
Propositions Development Manager, ILM

The Future.

By harnessing the power of credentials, ILM have been able to begin to tackle a complex challenge facing employers, globally.

So, what’s next?

As a result of the success of their pilot, ILM has now embedded digital credentials within its Level 3 and 5 apprenticeship offering in the Trailblazer Apprenticeship space, seeing a huge demand for these products already.

ILM’s ethos that no two leaders are the same, is brought to life with digital credentials. Allowing learners to differentiate themselves based on the different skills and capabilities they’ve developed through ILM programs. To find out more, visit

The way in which skills are recognised is changing forever and organisations like ILM are leading the way by seeing digital credentials as simply a digitisation of what they do, enabling tomorrow’s leaders to show their true potential and ensuring employers can see every skill.

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ILM a City & Group Business creates leaders and develops managers through qualifications, training and cutting edge research, were hearing more and more from employers, colleges and professional training providers that they wanted to see a digitisation of how individuals could showcase their skills and capabilities. By ensuring employers can see every skill that is relevant for their business, ILM digital credentials are helping organisations spot and harness talent to effectively tackle the growing skills shortage.

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