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Celebrating leadership, imagination and integrity with digital credentials.
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“Train people well enough so that they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t have to.”

Sir Richard Branson

The Ampersand Awards were created with a single purpose in mind – to celebrate City & Guilds Group employees’. The research the Group carried out into their employer brand demonstrated the positive impact City & Guilds Group employees have on their customers, brands and each other. For that reason the Group wanted to do more to celebrate its greatest asset – its employees.

“Across the City & Guilds Group we have different brands, different products and services and different cultures but we are united by our purpose and Group values. Our people make us who we are, they are the ones that make the City & Guilds Group successful and it’s great that we are celebrating the people that really do go over and above to contribute to our purpose and work with our values in mind.”
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CEO, City & Guilds Group

As a City & Guilds Group business, Digitalme were able to assist in awarding digital credentials to the nominees, the assessors, and the winners in the four categories: Imagination, Integrity, Leadership and Pioneer in Skills Development. The Group actively encouraged people to share their peer to peer recognition online to build the confidence of the nominees, showcase their skills and achievements and boost the Group’s own employer value proposition.

The assessors were colleagues from across the Group, they completed training before they short-listed the nominations. The short-list was then passed on to the Commissioning panel for final assessment and to announce the Highly Commended and the overall winners of the awards.

The City & Guilds Group actively encouraged people to share their peer to peer recognition online to build the confidence of the nominees and boost their own employer value proposition.

A panel of judges (who also got a badge in recognition of their support) then issued formal recognition for the highly commended and the overall winners in each of the four categories.

“As chair of the Commissioning panel, I can tell you the commissioners did not find this an easy task and there was a lot of discussion on the merits of every nominee! And as Chief Executive, it made me exceptionally proud to read the stories of colleagues across the Group and the contributions they have made to our organisation.”

Group Director, People & Organisation Development

Imagination Award

The City & Guilds Group believe that imagination is essential in order to keep innovating, problem solving and creating quality products. The Imagination award recognises individuals within Group that are able to demonstrate creativity combined with independent thinking and vision. Nominees are curious, outside of the box thinkers noted for seeking out other views and welcoming diversity in their day-to-day work.

Imagination Badge

Integrity Award

City & Guilds Group hold integrity very highly within their organisation. This particular award recognises individuals within the organisation that are accountable, respect others and take an ethical approach in everything they do. Nominees work with a clear regard for honesty with customer related issues, implementing feedback systems that improve processes and outcomes, and are steadfast in the quality of the delivery of their work. They work respectfully with colleagues to get the best outcome for all involved.

Integrity Badge

Leadership Award

City and Guilds Group believe that everyone can be a leader regardless of their position or title. The Leadership Award is awarded to those who demonstrate the ability to focus, be adaptable and challenge the status quo. Nominees push the boundaries whilst raising standards and going that lonely extra mile. They challenge in the right way but also support, demonstrate compassion and provide helpful direction and advice for colleagues.

Leadership Badge

Pioneer in Skills Development Award

Everything done by City & Guilds Group is about skills development. The Pioneer in Skills Development Award recognises individuals that display a continuous commitment to Group purpose and act as brand ambassadors. Nominees for this award champion skills development and look for pioneering ways to deliver on this integral purpose.

Pioneer in Skills Development Badge

Logo for City & Guilds Group

The Ampersand Awards are one of the ways City & Guilds Group celebrate their people, values (leadership, imagination and integrity) and their purpose. These awards recognise their employees’ commitment to City & Guilds Group values, and the way they live their purpose in their day to day work. There are four awards for nomination, based on three values and the Group purpose.​

Tina Beeden receiving her Ampersand Award Tina Beeden accepts her Ampersand Award for Leadership

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Group photo holding their awards Ampersand Award recipients

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